William Watt Askew, Jr.
Traveling Artist (painting/poetry)


Traveling Artist (painting/poetry)


About Me

traveler, by nature artist by practice.

current project of 2014 is the "Cardboard Auction"
the statement for the project can be seen here,


"one person can always make a difference, because if one is not important than none are..".

Never formally trained, Emor has traveled the U.S. in search of the unbeaten path and is inspired by all those who follow it.

“My ability to express myself is limited on my experience. Through traveling and networking, my work will eventually be able to speak for itself and I will finally have the opportunity to listen.” - Emor (2010)

Artist Statement

"with diligence i have my experience, my work speaks on my behave, this leaves my actions free enough to take hold of the worlds pleas and bring them to light" - Emor (2014)
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